About 8fourteen15

“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss

Hiya Strangers and Friends alike!

I’m Jill. A 30-ish year old Mama who loves many, many things some of which are: photos, family, friends, travel, the beach, fun events, social media (totally addicted), yoga, fitness and strength training, all things baby, breastfeeding, Babywearing, attachment parenting (this is my life now!) and most of all, trying to live a life pleasing to God! 😃  I’m not a coffee drinker but I love me a strong cappuccino and my go-to warm me up drink is a chai latte. I am completely obsessed with sushi and could eat it every day if my husband would let me. I’m married to my best friend and we have been to many places and gone through so many wonderful adventures together but have also had many challenges and trials. But our greatest adventure and passion is now our little boy, John Fredrick, who is the absolute light and love of our lives. We can’t wait to do everything with him!!

8fourteen15: I suck at coming up with titles for stuff, especially for a blog with no real theme except for my own gallivanting through life. But 8fourteen15 was easy to come up with since it was the day my baby was born and he has been my inspiration in the past few months! I just find myself trying to get “better” at everything now: a mom, a wife, a follower of Christ, a friend, and I’m trying to find my way in this big ol world. I have my undergrad in sociology and anthropology and was building a pretty good career foundation in the non-profit sector and I feel like I have a great skill set and a million interests, but I’m not sure where I am supposed to “be.” At this moment in time, I do absolutely feel called to be a stay at home mom with my baby, which I LOVE but am also trying to take this opportunity to find out more about myself and how I can also grow my own identity in addition to being a Mom. 

So this blog will be a bit of my journey through all things I love, thoughts, photos, and memories I would like to share! It might be boring some days, over-enthusiastic on others and definitely needing a design facelift (all in due time) but I’m going to keep it fun and very “me.” It would be a great encouragement to have followers so that I don’t get lazy and let this blog wither away in the land of abandoned web pages, like so many others I have! Haha. But again, my boy is my inspiration and he has pushed me to be better in every single way, and I’m including blogging in there.  Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time!



Us on 8fourteen15! (8/14/15)


Me and my babe December 2015

with my love! June 2015 and 30 weeks pregnant


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