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Bring on the pumpkins! Fall Fest at Johnson Farms.

It’s nearly the end of September and dude…it’s beyond HOT here in South Carolina. My Canadian cold-bloodedness (probably paired with the cooking bun in the oven) is just dying for some cool weather, sweaters, leggings and wearing something other than my Birkenstocks, and Lord knows how much I love my Birkenstocks. I am almost afraid to look at the upcoming weather forecast for the week – this heat is grueling!

In spite of the heat, we still decided to take advantage of some of the fall activities here in the Upstate. On Saturday, we took a 40 minute drive to Inman, SC to check out Johnson Farms for their Fall Fun Fest and scope out some pumpkins that we will be back to pick out in a few weeks for Halloween. Last year we brought John Fredrick pumpkin picking when he was an itsy 8-weeks old, and it was one of our most precious first memories with him!

Because of this first pumpkin picking experience – we deemed it absolutely necessary to make this a tradition. Nothing gets you more in the mood for the upcoming autumn season than pumpkin picking!

Here are some pictures of our morning exploring Johnson Farms and their budding pumpkin patch and a few other activities on their farm! Can’t wait to come back and pick our pumpkins for Halloween.

Exploring the mining station…clearly we don’t read or follow rules.
He just liked playing with the water.
Curious little man!




John Fredrick and Dada taking a walk through the pumpkin patch


Pumpkin littles!
Can’t wait to see how tall he will be next fall!
You had me at balloon

So that was our pumpkin patch adventure at Johnson Farms! Wishing you all a very happy beginning of autumn season!





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