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Saturday adventure: Sky Top Apple Orchard

It’s been a great weekend so far…however, first I am going to be honest: I was super, super bummed because we were supposed be at the beach this weekend but we decided to cancel (rather, postponed) because the wildly inaccurate weather forecast predicted 80-90% chance of rain and thunderstorm all weekend long. And of course the day after we last minute cancel, the weather magically changes and it has been beautiful and sunny all weekend at the beach and I have been checking back all weekend long just to torture myself. I love the beach and I was dying for a family getaway again, just the three (four) of us, to enjoy the last days of summer by the ocean…as disappointing as it was, we decided to try to enjoy the weekend as best as we could “locally”

So Friday night, we went out for a late-birthday dinner at our favourite sushi restaurant in Greenville, Sushi Masa. John and I used to go there quite often the first year we moved here, but haven’t been in forever…and after that dinner, I don’t know why we bother anywhere else. Literally best, and most authentic sushi in the area. I give it two Asian thumbs up! Sushi seemed to lighten my mood about missing the beach, and I woke up Saturday morning determined to enjoy our plans for the day.

I had heard a lot of good things about apple picking at Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, North Carolina,  which was just under an hour from us. John doesn’t like apples and I like them Ok, so we weren’t dying for bushels of apples… I was more interested in the experiential value of the trip for John Fredrick, and us as a family in general. So we had a lazy morning, breakfast at home and let our now 13-month old little man burn as much energy running around the house as much as he could so we could hop in the car around nap time so he would be energized for the afternoon.

Sky Top Orchard can be described exactly as it is named – an orchard to pick various fruit in season at the top of a mountain. It was stunning and breathtaking… and overwhelmingly busy! I feel like every single family in the area had the same idea as us for today, and arriving at lunch was a plan we retracted on. We decided to explore nearby downtown Hendersonville for lunch, and we were not disappointed! It was surprisingly such a cute little town with so many shops to explore, we will definitely be returning in the fall when the leaves start to turn. I actually didn’t take that many photos unfortunately, because life happened – and John and I were both ridiculously hANGRY so the last thing he wanted to do was take pictures or be in pictures until the promise of food was upon us. Gotta love married life!

We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Never Blue and it was delicious. My pregnant body has been craving red meat these days, so of course I had to order an awesome house burger that satisfied every craving. Lately we have had to order John Fredrick his own meal at restaurants because he devours every bite!! I can’t believe my baby is actually eating entire meals of his own, on his own. So proud of him. Since we were in better moods, I managed to get a few pictures in.

Silly faces before lunch!
“Don’t even think about it, Mom!”



My favourite!

Later in the afternoon, when the midday scorching sun was starting to subside, we headed back to Skytop to find that much of the crowds of people and cars had left.

Now I have to preface this by first saying my son loves to play pass and throw with balls. And naturally, apples just look like perfectly palm-sized balls for a one year old. So any apples I ended up putting in the basket – he took out and threw everywhere. It was so stinking cute. John and I just ended up being paparazzi for most of the time in the orchard.


Throwing balls are fun!
“Mom…there are no more balls left in the basket?”

So taking pictures turned out to be more fun than picking apples at this point so here we go!


Got my apple!



Finally a pic with Mama!

There was also a super awesome bamboo forest that we got to walk through. It was so cool in there, and was a break from the sun and heat. My baby boy picked up a bamboo stick and he reminded me of a baby Bruce Lee, such a cutie!

At the end of our Skytop Orchard visit, we hung out at the park and enjoyed some of the yummy treats: an apple donut, a delicious strudel and a fresh apple slushy.

All in all our Saturday at Skytop Apple Orchard was so much fun. It was a perfectly beautiful September day and I was so happy and blessed to spend it with my boys – they are such fun!



Love these long summer/fall days!! Hope you had a beautiful weekend with your loved ones!




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