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One Year Old Photos and Cupcake Smash!



My Baby is almost ONE. This reality evokes so many feelings of joy, excitement and, while I am not sure if “sadness” is quite the word, there is a definite sense of melancholy in my heart. It has been such an absolute truth revealed to me this past year as a new-first-time parent about how quickly and almost how harshly time passes, even if you soak in every single moment of every single day. I stay at home with my baby, we co-sleep, I take a million pictures of him every day and we are basically attached at the hip and it STILL went too fast.

On August 1st, I woke up and realized it was his birth month and memories from a year ago when he was still in my belly and we were just itching for his arrival, came flooding back. I weeped and held my sleeping baby close and breathed in his smell and just begged for time to slow itself. He is such a big boy now, with big boy expressions, big boy eyes, big boy curiosity and an attitude of independence about certain things. He doesn’t want us to help him or hold his hands when he is practicing walking. He gets mad if we try to feed him or help him use a cup or adjust a food in his hands – he wants to do it on his own. But he still rushes to my arms and holds on to me tight, pretty much all the time.

He is a definite Mama’s boy and I love it. My little man has become my best friend in this past year. I mean, how could he not be? I have spent hours, trying to figure out his cries, tend to his baby needs, and make him laugh and smile as much as humanly possible. In turn, he now snuggles up to me at night, throws his arms around me for big hugs and gives me kisses over and over again in bed in the morning. He makes his Mama proud and has warmed my heart up in a way that makes me believe that parenthood is definitely and absolutely my calling.

But it is hard to start letting your Baby go, a bit at a time. Yes, he is still a baby and will be so for a long time. But with each day, he grows a little more and is a little less baby, and in time, years will have passed before my eyes as my heart will be filled with pride and joy, and still a bit of that melancholy.

This was supposed to be a happy post! And it is. But I can’t help interjecting my emotional prose so that was it. Now for the fun stuff.

It was a last minute decision to take One-Year photos of John Fredrick, but we are so happy that we did! He is our first baby and I love thinking back on this first year, and how far he has come – and how much further he has left to go. And that’s how we chose the theme for his birthday party, and subsequently, his one-year photo photos. When I was pregnant, John would read the book “Baby, oh Baby – The Places You’ll Go” to my belly every single night. It was our ritual. We just knew John Fredrick was listening. So it was only fitting to make the theme of his party based on the book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss.

A sweet friend of ours, Kayla of Kayla Wilkes Photography is an amazing photographer and was awesome at getting this last minute photoshoot all done while she was like 9 months pregnant, no joke. Let’s not talk about what I was able to accomplish at 9 months pregnant, which was not very much. She is awesome, you must check out her work.

So before I start harping on another sentimental tangent, I wanted to share some of these sweet photos of my nearly 1-year old baby boy. *sniffle* Love him to the moon and back…



Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


I’m obsessed with his lashes!
My handsome little man ❤


“Mama, what IS this?”


nom nom nom
Boy, meet sugar. Sugar, meet Boy.


We are going to be celebrating with some close family and friends this weekend. My parents are coming and we are so excited! Here is the sweet invitation we had done by 4UPrintableDesigns on Etsy. They were fabulous and they came out so beautiful!

JF McAleer 5x7 copy BLOG

Next up…birthday party photos next week! Thanks for checking us out today 🙂



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