Photoshoot at the Beach

26 weeks pregnant in Myrtle Beach, May 2015

My baby came in to this world 9 months ago today, and 39 weeks ago as of yesterday. I have been counting down the weeks, in preparation for a special post coming up next week, so stay tuned!

I am in absolute awe of how quickly time has passed and how much my life as an individual and our life as a family, has changed. Our family grew and our hearts grew and John and I thank God every single day for every blessing. Finally being on vacation together, away from every day stressors and concentrating our time and attention on one another has been so amazing, and we haven’t even been here 24 hours! John and I love to travel and vacation together and explore new places and it is so much fun to have our baby boy with us to share it with.

And what better way to celebrate his ninth month in this world than taking him to our favourite place to vacation – a beach. Myrtle Beach is special for us because we came this time last May and last July 4th, when I was 26 weeks pregnant and 34 weeks pregnant. I already feel like I have taken him with me diving into the waves in the ocean. My belly even got burned last year. So I am remembering every precious moment while we are here and am so excited for him to experience the beach, the sand, the ocean, the sun and swimming.


This was our first morning here and we got up at 6:30AM to get the ideal light for some beach photos. I tried my best hand at some amateur photography. I just wanted his 9th month pictures to be special and to have some photo portraits of us as a family on our first of many, many, many beach vacations.

Sunrise at 6:30AM
My heart

Here are some shots we took this morning. John Fredrick went to bed late and woke up early, and you can tell by his face that he was not in a very good mood. I think he was also a bit confused about what sand is and why we were sitting in the bright sun first thing in the morning. His looks are still so precious but extremely questionable. John and I spent a lot of time yelling, making funny noises and singing silly songs and nothing seemed to work. It’s amazing how is personality is really coming out now. He wasn’t crying or complaining, just observing everything around him with a very incredulous expression on his face the entire time, like he was trying to understand and figure everything out. Here are some shots from our morning beach “photo shoot” Enjoy!


Dada and his baby
edit_DSC0100 copy
9 Month Old blocks on the beach


edit_DSC0094 copy
Sweet boy!






The next few pictures were us trying desperately trying to get him to smile!



With Dada taking over as photographer, Mama finally got some sweet smiles out of this little boy!



Okay Mama, time to pick me up!


And now my favourite sequence of babywearing photos! I LOVE that John got all of these pictures of me in the process putting John Fredrick in my ring sling. Baby wearing is such a beautiful relationship I have with my baby and I cherish every moment he allows me to wear him.





Time to rinse our feet off!


I hope you enjoyed our photos! Vacation is the best šŸ™‚




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