Garage Sale Adventures

If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that I mention the love for garage sales that my husband and I have. It started with thrift shops, but since it’s the season for it, garage sales are currently our favourite jam. Every Friday afternoon, we are both respectively scouring for garage and yard sale signs in our neighborhood and beyond and we report back to one another on our weekend game plan. Sometimes on Friday evening, we drive around just looking for signs. And I have joined many local B/S/T groups on Facebook that announce community garage sales because those are the best ones, when you can go to a subdivision and hit up 5,6,10 garage sales all at once.

Think we are weird? It gets worse.

Depending on what time it starts at, John always wants to get there half an hour before the start to get first dibs. So that is usually at about 7:30AM. Garage sales get him going and he is not a morning person at all. Did I mention we have an 8.5 month old baby that loves to sleep in until 10Am? Poor little JF is subject to his parents’ madness. Even I thought he was crazy, but when I scored two beach chairs in excellent condition for $5, I was thanking him for waking me up early. It was my brother that once said to me, that thrift shops (and I feel like the same thing applies to yard sales) have this magical ability to conjure things you are actually looking for. And it has happened to me a few times. I desperately wanted a lemon juicer, and found a beautiful old school glass one for a couple of dollars; I needed a case for my MacBook but didn’t want to spend $50+ on one and I found a really pretty leather one for $5 thrifting. And the beach chairs were my reminder that the powers of the yard sale are stronger than those of commercial [full priced] retail madness.

Ok, now I have definitely outed our weirdness.

But let me tell you…it is so worth it. Greenville is an exceptional garage sale Mecca as we have been discovering for the past few weekends. In my last post recapping our weekend, I mentioned that we didn’t go to a community garage sale that we intended to go to. I think in the past month and a half alone we have been to at least 50 garage sales and we still have reasonable heads on our shoulders so we were fine passing on that sale. But we found an individual one anyway close to our neighborhood and made a pit stop and were we ever glad to. Another day, another garage sale, another jackpot! Don’t believe me? Well, I wanted to write this post and share some of our exciting buys. Also note, that garage sales are AWESOME places to find toys and other baby items that people are just dying to get out of their house. I don’t believe that there is any better way to support your local economy that to buy from yard sales! 

This was my haul from last weekend’s garage sale:

From top left: A black romper; a cute beige and pink neutral sun dress; a T-shirt dress (Calvin Klein); a flowy sleeveless blouse; Polo shorts; and super cute polka dot Keds in my size!! Grand total for this lot: $10

Bam. So cute right?? 

But wait there was more!

We also got these toys which were clean (very important) and in excellent condition, a Baby Einstein activity table which is perfect for JF now that he is pulling up on everything and retails for $30+, and a little train that sings and dictates the alphabet. Total: $4

We also found a new hamper which we have been needing (I told you, seek and ye shall find!) for $1

It’s huge and it’s cute! I really can’t justify spending anything more than like $8 max on something that stores your dirty laundry, so we were sold pretty hard on this find.

We also picked up a silicone baby food storage container with about 8 compartments and a set of foam table corner protectors for our stumbling baby boy for $.50. And finally a VCR/DVD player (we have been looking for a VCR) for $2. Not bad for a spur of the moment garage sale visit, right?

With a little cleaning and extra love and care, you can find anything and everything at a garage sale.

Here are some of our other extradordinary finds, that we use all the time: 

Baby Einstein Neptune play mat

We found this play mat last year at a garage sale. The man that sold it to us had a ten kids and miraculously this toy was in excellent condition with all the pieces. This version is discontinued but when I checked last year, it retailed $60. I even saw it at another garage sale and they were selling it for $30. We got this for $5. We have two other play mats, one hand me down and another one that was worth over a hundred dollars, but this one was John Fredrick’s favorite.

Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer

I love wipes warmers. I thought the idea was stupid while I was pregnant but once we started using one, I hated the thought of putting cold wipes on my baby’s bum. Plus, it would make him pee if the wipe is too cold. We had another warmer before but when we started cloth diapering, the wipes would get mildew and smell funky. I researched that the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer was mildew resistant and anti-microbial, and I started to covet for one. But I didn’t want to spend $30 on a new warmer when we already had one. About a week later, we hit up a garage sale and bam, there was the Prince in someone’s driveway dying to find a new home for only $3. I kept the price on there to remind me that everything I need in life will be found at a garage sale.

Sweet dress!

I found this beauty at a collaborative garage sale raising money for a local cancer charity. Grey and black monochrome, and a stretchy neckline perfect for nursing and it was freaking $.50.

This was definitely a jackpot find. We are still raving about the epic garage sale we stumbled upon about a month ago in a neighborhood not far from us. On display inside this open case (I didn’t know the code when I took this photo so I couldn’t open it) was an old classic Minolta film camera that a sweet old lady was selling for and we bought for $15. I’m sure the camera is a relic on its own but I don’t even know where to buy film anymore. The jewel though is this Halliburton case that is valued at around $300. John bought it for the case alone. 

At the same garage sale, we got all of these toys for $1 each! We kind of went a bit crazy that day.

$1 for each instrument!

Handmade coffee table for $10
Play yard gates (attachable door)for $25. brand new its way over $100.
Adorable hardwood base sports lamp for $6
$8 easel, new for $60
So these were just some of our exciting deals we got on items that we are definitely using and/or are great investments (hel-lo Halliburton). This is our love for second hand items and this is why we get so excited for garage sales. It’s literally a family activity and so much more fun than shopping at normal stores because sometimes you find the craziest things that people just want to get rid of. We already dream of having our own garage sale one day. Yes, we are nerds (who dreams of having a garage sale?!) but we are nerds in love with a great deal. The end.



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