Weekend Recap: Fri-yay workout, Spartanburg Spring Fling, Baby Art, Mother’s Day and everything in between

We had a pretty jam packed weekend compared to the last few weeks. The weather is heating up and so out come the people to enjoy the outdoors and the fun events and activities the Upstate has to offer. 

Friday was a busy one, and probably the longest that I took John Fredrick out on my own (though we finished the evening with Dad) Since we will be going on our long-awaited beach vacation in just a few more sleeps, I have been hitting the gym hard. Three times a week for HIIT and finishing with 12-15 20 second sprints, which are my secret weapon for fat loss. I have been redoing a strength training program called Lean & Lovely which I successfully completed about two years ago and totally loved. The awesome lady who designed this program is Neghar Fonooni and I have been following her for years, and she has been such an inspiration for my fitness journey but more importantly, for my journey on loving my body through every stage and not self-hating, which so many women do. Heavier lifting and strength training has been such an fun and rewarding journey in my exercise routine. Here was the workout that I completed on Friday, and followed by 20 minutes of sprints, I was finished my workout in under an hour, which is one of my favorite parts of this program – it’s fast, challenging and effective!

Not much right? But with a good amount of weight (20 lbs for snatches and a 30lb KB for the rest) and following the prescription for rest time, 5 sets are tough! Anyway this is not a fitness post, so I will move on, but I honestly highly recommend this workout program. Check out Lean & Lovely here!

After my workout, I got together with my friend and her 10-week old baby girl and took a long stroll through Tyger River Park in Duncan. It’s a major baseball hub since there are (at least) 12 different fields. 

At around 2pm after our walk, John Fredrick and I made our way to Spartanburg, which is about 30 miles from where we live, to spend the afternoon hanging out with Dada at work. It was a good afternoon, but I was exhausted from our morning and we both took a snooze in an office chair.

Hanging out at the office!

John Fredrick had also painted an art masterpiece for Grandpa’s birthday, so we wanted to make sure he liked it.

John Fredrick Jr’s first art piece

John finished work just before 6PM, and we had planned to go walk around downtown Spartanburg, since we hadn’t done that in years. Downtown Spartanburg is very calm compared to Greenville so we were imagining a quiet stroll.

 To our surprise, it was the exact opposite, and there were two huge events taking place at the same time: a pretty serious bike race and the Spartanburg Spring Fling. There were people everywhere that it was difficult to walk and it was LOUD. There were lots of vendors of all sorts and a few cute pop up shops and tons and tons of food. We enjoyed a Caribbean jerk chicken plate and I had my first funnel cake. We got home around 9PM and we were all exhausted.


We slept in for a bit. Poor JF was dragged around all day on Friday without a proper nap so I felt like a terrible Mom. We had a few plans to go to a community garage sale about 40 minutes away and then to the duck derby downtown but because he just looked like an angel as he slept, we opted to nix those plans. 

When he did wake up, we had to stop by the bank and this is what he thought of it:

Saturday at the bank is totes boring Mom and Dad

We did hit up a garage sale and felt like winners yet again, but I decided that I would cover that in another post. I always talk about garage sales and I feel like no one understands our love for them. We literally never buy anything full price anymore. Plus, garage sales are probably the best way to support the local economy! (Ha!)

One spur of the moment treat on Saturday was going for a pedicure! It was amazing. I literally hate spending money on manicures and pedicures, the last time I had one was probably for our wedding three years ago. But oh my goodness, this time it was the best idea I have had in months. Foot soak and rub, calf massage and a massage chair and pretty gel colors…it was an awesome last minute decision. And John and John Fredrick got to go look at video games and spend some Daddy and son time out together.

I could do this every day.

Saturday afternoon we went to our good friends’ son’s 3rd birthday party at McPherson Park. I can’t believe that their sweet boy is already 3 and this is actually his 3rd birthday we have been to here! We had hot dogs and cake and John Fredrick….slept through most of it!



My first Mother’s Day! I have to be honest, I was so excited for my first Mother’s Day. I love being a Mom pretty much more than I have ever loved anything else. The night before however, didn’t start great when John woke up in the middle of the night covered in hives and suffering from an allergic reaction to something unknown. The fact that he had to take two Benadryl means he was totally out of it, for most of the day. 

Poor Dada 😦

But he still got up and made me a fruit smoothie bowl for breakfast and we even went ahead with our lunch plans of all you can eat sushi and Miyabi and it was amazing (thanks to my friend, Cassie, for the suggestion!) We got home and both my boys napped on me in the living room. When they woke up, they went out and disappeared for a little while for a surprise and then they came home and I had set up a mini family portrait session in front of our house.

Me and my 8.5 month old baby boy!
Me and my boys!
He loves tugging on my new Pandora necklace that he bought me of his birth stone!

We ended the night with our Sunday tradition ofGame of Thrones while John Fredrick falls asleep on my tummy. But before that – I got my final Mother’s Day surprise…

What can I say? My husband knows the way to my heart.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!



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