Weekend Recap – last days of April

I can’t believe it’s already MAY. 2016 is almost half over and time is flying! The weekends are fun but fleeting and we are just counting down the days until our family beach vacation. 

I also can’t believe that this was me ONE YEAR AGO:

I miss my pregnant belly! But that’s also during the second trimester when I felt like could do somersaults and I was still doing hot yoga. But that was fun. Can’t wait for the next one! I kid, I kid….or am I? (yes, I definitely am kidding)

Here is a recap of our fairly uneventful weekend.


We hit the gym first thing in the morning so that we could make it in time to have lunch with Dada at work. John Fredrick cried the whole 30 minute drive to Spartanburg and Mama attempted some risky acrobatics while driving down the I85 trying to fetch him some toys that were totally ineffective. I ended up singing at the top of my lungs for 10 minutes straight, and that kind of worked but truly, not really.

Finally a happy boy with Dada at the office

Friday evening, I had a craving for Asian food so we went to our favorite Korean restaurant called Kim-Chee. It’s a little Mom’n’Pop kind of restaurant and their food is authentic and tastes homemade. John and I both had the bibimbap and it was so good. My mouth waters just thinking about it. The owner have John Fredrick a bowl of white sticky rice and he enjoyed mashing it between his fingers and pretending to eat it.

Don’t be fooled, he is just sucking on his hand.


On Saturday we slept in for a bit, and then we decided to take John Fredrick to the park. To his misfortune, his parents are garage sale junkies and we ended up at two community garage sales instead. By the time we were done, poor baby boy was tired, hungry and sick of his car seat. Parenting fail. We went for lunch at a pub called Friar’s Tavern and then headed home.

finally out of the carseat!!

Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning the garage, truck and going through giant bins of hand me downs for me, and John weeding and gardening outside. Oh and John Fredrick enjoying the outdoors on his picnic mat. It was hot and humid out so I started spraying him with the hose and that ticked him off. Thanks a lot for getting me all wet, Mama.

My boys!

Saturday evening we stayed in and I cooked a yummy Indian dinner. Butter chicken and basmati rice with a side of raw beet salad. We watched a movie, I also cleaned our turtle tank and filter and John and JF played a lot together in the living room. He is pulling up everywhere and doing a lot of downward dogs in different directions and we are going to have to start rearranging some furniture soon.



We woke up early for church since I was helping in the nursery and John was helping in a Sunday School. We got to the Hilton at 8:45AM and were done by noon. We absolutely love our church and the teaching. We went for lunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe where I had a shrimp and lump crab stack and it was SO GOOD. 

mom and dad are weird

We got home and did the best family activity ever… We all took a nearly 3 hour nap together in bed. It was amazing. Got up out of bed around 5:30pm and I made shrimp ceviche for dinner. John Fredrick played with a corn tortilla and then we all laid on the couch to watch Game of Thrones and finish watching a movie we started on Friday night.

On to the weekly countdown until next weekend!! Hope y’all had a great weekend with family and friends as well.




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