Weekend recap – date night, bagels, bellyaches and baby led weaning

Every weekend is a fun and exciting adventure for our little family!!!!
We are normal people with normal expectations of life. So we had a pretty normal weekend. Full of plans that we did do, and plans that we didn’t. So I think Mondays are going to be light hearted and I will post a recap of our activities (and non-activities) we did. 

I was feeling like garbage all last week and throughout the weekend so Friday was spent counting the hours until Dada came home. So John Fredrick practiced crawling while I binge watched “The Carrie Diaries” No shame here.

When John got home we decided to have an impromptu date night since I was starting to have cabin fever from being home all day. We headed to probably one of our favorite restaurants in Greenville, Yard House. John Fredrick is a sweet date, he is easily entertained with paper napkins and plastic straws. 
We had ahi poke for appetizers and I had the Maui pineapple chicken plate for dessert and it was uh-ma-zing. We also shared a chocolate soufflé for dessert. Ok so seeing as my pains were tummy troubles, maybe this wasn’t the wisest choice but I was sick of soup broth for a meal which I had been doing since Wednesday. It was so good and my post dinner suffering was minimal.

This is how we started Saturday morning. I am in awe every day how much my baby is growing into a little human more and more. He isn’t just a squirmy little bird that we hold for 3/4 of the day anymore. He actually cuddles and hugs now, especially in his sleep. It has been harder to get away once I have nursed him to sleep because he always has a firm grip on my clothes, my hair, or a limb.

We have the wonderful blessing a privilege to house a piano for a little while. John woke up early Saturday morning and some friends came by to help move it in. I have not had a piano in my living space for almost 9 years, since I moved out of my parents house. I spent a large amount of time this weekend practicing from the one piano book I could find in a box still packed from THREE apartments ago in Canada!

After the piano move, we went for bagels for breakfast at a fantastic Jewish bakery called Greenfield’s. Almost as good as a Montreal bagel, but much better than any other “bagel” we have had yet in Greenville. Yes, we are bagel snobs and we welcome any and all bagel care packages from Montreal.

 little dude loving the bagel joint

This weekend was a great reminder of the South Carolina heat making its way back so the rest of Saturday was spent relaxing. We hit up a garage sale and of course found some good deals. (We have become garage sale masters. We buy nothing new for the full cost!) 

Since I wasn’t feeling well, I decided to make a bile-boosting (don’t ask) superfood dinner. Chickpea curry, raw beetroot salad and beet tops. We practice baby-led weaning with John Fredrick and he seemed to enjoy the curry…in his face, on the floor and everywhere else but his mouth!

 Dinner is the new black

Sunday was church in the morning, lunch out at Fresh Market and then….a long Sunday afternoon nap. Then dinner time before we knew it, and I made chicken cacciatore which John Fredrick may or may not of liked. Assuming any of it actually made it to his mouth.

Since we got to having dinner so late, bedtime had to be pushed back so that John and I could catch the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Baby boy went right to sleep on Mama’s belly through the whole episode and we had a very successful transfer to bed later on.

So that was our weekend! And this is us now. Yes, my baby sleeps in until around 10:30 these days again. I’m one happy Mama.

Ok this is actually him at the moment telling me, “Mama get off your phone and play with me” Done and done. Happy Monday!


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