Day Tripping

John and I have always loved exploring new places and travelling. If we had the means and the time to travel to exciting and more exotic places in the world, we would definitely do it, but at this point in time, with a little man that hates being in his car seat and the anxiety and preparation that comes with travelling with an infant, we are sticking to travel destinations within arm’s reach of the Upstate. And even though we haven’t travelled to so many different countries as some (but we are blessed to have had our share), we are pretty much always on the same page: exploring new cities by foot and by driving for hours, beaches, shops, people watching and soaking in as much as we can in the time we have. One of my favourite quotes is by Marcel Proust “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” I completely agree. Our travels might not be fancy or extravagant, but our eyes and minds are always open to new experiences and things to see, food to eat and shops to browse! And now with John Fredrick, we love bringing him to new places and watching him get the feel for a new environment or surroundings. My favourite part about travelling was always doing it with my best friend, and now we have our best buddy in tow to share it with as well. You definitely don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth for adventure or more importantly memories.

This past weekend, we took a day trip to Highlands, NC. We (we, as in I) have been dying to go somewhere, just anywhere new. We have do a vacation planned for next month, but while staying at home with the babe is a dream come true, it can also lead to some serious cabin fever, even if we do go out every day. Maybe my brain is seeking more adventure now that I have the biggest responsibility I will ever have, taking up all my time. Or maybe I just needed to get out of Greenville for a day. So we did and we had a lovely time exploring this little town in the mountains.

Little man is not a fan of sitting in the back seat by himself. So I always end up crawling to the back mid-trip where I sing and nurse. A lot.

Highlands is a cute little town that I literally no nothing about. Ha. Wikipedia says that its permanent population is 924, and whether that number is accurate, it sure felt like it. Not sure if it was because it was the off season, or because it was Sunday and half the shops were closed but you could literally hear a pin drop in the middle of town. Let me tell you though, it was one brutal drive up through the Appalachian mountains (had to look that up) and again through a few national parks, swerving for miles and miles on end. John and I both had a headache halfway through and I wondered if babies could get carsick and prayed not.

Taking a break on the main street.
Dada needed a coffee bad after that drive.
My boys!

We spent the afternoon wandering around the main street, and grabbing some lunch at the Mountain Fresh Grocery and Wine Market, where it seemed like half the population of the town was having lunch.


That busy, bustling Main St.


There was a beautiful old, luxury hotel called the Old Edwards Inn and Spa, and we decided to wander in to take a look inside. We were greeted by four employees telling us all about the hotel and ushering us to the lounge to sit and relax. It was a beautiful lounge and we sat and shared a glass of red wine to warm up, while John Fredrick relaxed on the couch.

_DSC0032_DSC0042_DSC0037_DSC0038_DSC0045It was a short but sweet visit, and we had a nice time visiting a new town just 2 hours from our house. But next time we will definitely revisit on a Saturday during the high season when it is warmer and more places are open!




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