Winter in South Carolina: Sun, sun and a bit of snow :)

January has definitely been a slow-moving month for me, and unfortunately blogging has suffered a two-week hiatus. After recovering from an extremely busy holiday season and an 18-hour car ride (both ways) with a four month old, it took a little while to regain my energy. Not only that, after having two full weeks of help from John and all of our family back home, I had almost forgotten how energy-consuming staying at home all day with an infant is. We absolutely love where we live, and our choice to relocate here, but a large part of my heart wishes we had some close family nearby, not only to share the holidays and fun events, but also in the day to day haul.

I am however, extremely thankful that we aren’t having to live through another frigid, sub-zero, snow-squalled Canadian winter! Every winter day in Greenville is comparable to a lovely spring day in Montreal. John Fredrick, who is now five months old, loves not having to put on layers upon layers of clothing like he had to do in Canada and we have spent many afternoons relaxing on our front lawn in the sunshine…in January! Since we spent so much time indoors in Canada, I have been trying to get outside and spend as much time as we can enjoying fresh air and direct sunlight.

snow storm
December in Montreal
This Southern boy loves the sunshine, blue skies and green grass in January!
January in South Carolina

This past weekend we also survived our first South Carolina snowstorm. Now I’m not going to be a “snow snob” because I know how devastating snow + ice (especially ice) can be to people who are not used to living in it for five months out of the year, and I also know how exciting it is to play in the snow for the first time in the season, especially for people who, again, don’t live in it for five months out of the year. I wish I had taken a picture on Friday night when we looked out our window because it actually looked like a real snowy landscape…of course, it all melted within 12 hours!

John and I have resolved to spending a lot of time outdoors with John Fredrick, taking him on walks, to parks and hiking when the weather gets warmer. After the snowstorm on Friday, Saturday was such a beautiful and sunny day to enjoy the remaining snow as well as how pretty it looks when the sunshine is melting it all. Now John Fredrick is really so little to actually play in the snow but we thought it would be fun to snap some pictures of him in the park, of his first South Carolina snow storm.

These were taken yesterday at Legacy Park which is a fun little park about ten minutes from our house which is great when John Fredrick starts to get fussy and Mom needs to take a walk to get him to fall asleep! Yesterday it was full of snow, snowmen and some kids sledding around. To be honest, John Fredrick really wasn’t a huge fan of 1) being put in a snowsuit 2) being propped up in the snow 3) having the sun in his eyes 4) any part of a snowy weather whatsoever. But one thing is for sure…he had a great nap that afternoon and slept like a rock through the night!

Snow in South Carolina!


My heart!
Sweet little snowman


Such a happy boy!


Winter in South Carolina!

So I’m easing back in to a better, more energetic rhythm now in 2016…post-snowstorm. Hope you enjoyed our winter wonderland weather…we sure did, all two days of it 🙂






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