What are you doing New Year’s Eve?


19weeks, 6 days old

Happy New Year’s Eve! 

I don’t think it’s 2016 anywhere in the world just yet, but it’s morning time here in Montreal and we have one last day to relish in final memories and moments of 2015. Forgive me for the lack of blog updates but our holiday season has been filled with get togethers with family and friends and every spare moment I have I am either nursing for missed feedings or enjoying time with my brother, sister in law and my sweet nephew. I have learned that every moment should be embraced with utmost care and attention, especially those moments with loved ones who live far away. Life is too short to look away for too long!
John and I consider ourselves to be adventurous people. Not adventurous in the adrenaline-junkie kind of adventure, but more like, whatever opportunity, risk, challenge comes our way  – let’s do it! And if there is a lull – let’s find something super fun to do. Our sweet son has been our greatest adventure EVER and he makes every other adventure even more fun and exciting. It has been an amazing year and I admittedly get sad to think that the year our sweet boy was born is coming to an end, but John always knows how to make me feel better by looking forward and planning exciting things for the future.  I would like to think we are pretty fun people and even more fun parents (ask Poppy in 15 years haha) so we sat down last night and talked about what fun things we want to do with Poppy in 2016. Some top things we came up with are:

Swimming lessons, jogging, hiking, lots of beach visiting, as many activities outdoors as possible (Mama and Dada need that too!), touring and visiting places we haven’t been to in our area, fixing up our house indoors and outdoors, adding to Poppy’s playroom (I have seen how my 8 month old nephew moves like lightning and we need to make some serious adjustments!), and as a SAHM, finding social activities both beneficial for John F and me. I had a friend a few years ago who gave me a compliment that really touched me and I try to stick to and that was that I am always trying to “better” myself. I definitely am, that is just how I am built. I am not necessarily competitive (well I actually am but really not in an intentional or healthy way 😒) but I always want to find and do things that will help me to grow or better myself in some challenging or fun way. I feel so blessed to have friends that notice those things about me, and since she told me that, I definitely try to live up to it.

So this New Year’s Eve, I am going to try to limit the sappy melancholic tendency of watching another year gone by, and instead look to the wonderful things to come in 2016 and plan to do as many fun things I can with my little family. It’s amazing how things change…5-10 years ago all I wanted to do was find the best NYE party and party hard….and now all I want to do is cuddle with my little family and hold them as long as humanly possible. This year has taught me how to be a woman, an adult and a parent and that has been the greatest adventure I can possibly imagine that I will undoubtedly continue to embark on in 2016.

Happy NYE and I wish you and your families a very blessed year ahead!



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